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Greentep – Kintep’s newly developed sludge low-temperature drying equipment can directly dry sewage or sludge with a moisture content of 83% to a moisture content of 10%~30% dry mud, with a reduction of up to 90% and effective sterilization up to 90%. Low energy consumption and no pollution, widely used in municipal sludge and industrial sludge (dyeing, paper making, electroplating, chemical, leather, pharmaceutical, etc.) dry reduction, 10%~30% moisture content of dry mud can be gasified later Harmless resource disposal such as blending, composting or building materials.

The cooling system is used to cool and dehumidify the humid air from the drying chamber, and the latent heat of moisture condensation is recovered to reheat the dry air. It is a combination of dehumidification (dehumidification drying) and heat pump (energy recovery), which is the recycling of energy during the drying process.