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Screw conveyor is the new generation product that replaced of the GX type screw conveyor . The head and tail bearing have been moved outside from shell. By adopting sliding bearing, dustproof sealed device and slide block, that make screw conveyor easy to install and maintain,which uses rotary spiral vane to push materials continuously in closed housing in round section.

Main application:


The screw conveyor are suitable for continuously conveying loose materials such as powder, granular and small piece material, which includes: clay powder, pulverized coal, cement, sand, grain, small piece of coal, cobble, and cast iron filings, etc.



  • 1. Screw conveyor with good sealed,large capacity,long conveying distance.
    ●  2. Screw conveyor with good seal performance,good transportation efficiency
    ●  3. Screw conveyor with flexible technological arrangement,easy to be installed,dismantled and moved,safe operation
    ●  4. Screw conveyor with compact structure,small footprint,light weight
    ●  5. Screw conveyor can mixing,heating and cooling in the process of conveying.


Thông tin bổ sung


0.2 – 0.5 m3, 0.6 – 1.5m3, 1.2 – 3 m3