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KTDS depth dewatering machine has low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and super high pressure four filter areas, filter actions are controlled by pneumatic components automatically, frequency motor speed controlled by output and moisture content, this filter device has changed the sense of traditional sewage coagulation filtration paste filtration directly.


Flow Chart

Working Principle

By chemical modified conditioning treatment of sludge moisture with 80%, then dewater in high pressure, reduce the moisture to below 60%, the sludge goes through by two tension filter upper and down, it dewaters rely on the tension of the filters itself and pressure between them, then obtain high solid content mud cake, so to realize sludge dewatering.

Key Features

It can dock with the exit of raw sludge, without further configuration, seamless connection as zero distance, transportation and pollution, it takes few minutes from feedstock to mudcake outlet, so to achieve the aim of uninterrupted production, it doesn’t need to reserve yard, greatly reducing the investment, operation cost and environmental damage of sludge disposal process.


Simple operation, low operation cost, sludge can be repaid dehydration by filter after modification, no clogging, perfectly processing the oily and fiber sludge.

Selling points

Belt material: Nylon, polyester
Inlet sludge humidity: 85%
outlet sludge humidity: <60%
Operation: Automatic
Handling cost/ton: ~10 USD
Modifier: Yes


Selection Reference

Model belt width


sludge quantity


DS standard

processing quantity


wet sludge

processing quantity


60% (80%)≤
KTDS500 500 500 200 1000
KTDS1000 1000 1000 400 2000
KTDS1500 1500 2000 800 4000
KTDS2000 2000 3000 1200 6000


Municipal sewage petro-refining, Leather making, Printing and dyeing paper, Coalification dressing, Biochemical pharmacy, Steel pickling and chemical sugar, Food processing etc.

Typical Cases