Close Loop Air Circulation Sludge Dryer

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1.KSAC serial

KSAC serial products are suitable for organic sludge with high water content.Sludge is displayed on the belt type conveyor without stirring in order to dry the surface of sludge mass quickly.It is adjustable the belt conveyor speed by motor frequency in order to avoid sludge mass reform and get final dryness.The KSAC series flow diagram is shown as Figure1.

2.KSWW serial

KSWW serial products are suitable for inorgenic sludge chunk or organic sludge cake with low water content.Sludge is moved and stirred by scraping arms in order to enhance drying efficiency.It is adjustable the scraping arm speed by motor frequency in order to control final dryness.The KSWW series flow diagram is shown as Figure 2.

System Process

♦ Sludge Process ♦

70~85% water content sludge is fed from the top of the indirect heating dryer.There are several layers of dryer.The function of scraping arms of each layer is moving sludge to next layer until dryer discharge port at lowest layer.There could ba a storage bag for temporary storage at discharge port or it is delivered to treated sludge storage tank.During sludge moving procedure,sludge is stirring by scraping arms.It is dramatically increased slidge drying efficiency by combined heat,mass transfer and stirring physical reactions.


♦ Air Circulation Process ♦

Dry air is fed into the bottom of the dryer.It goes from the bottom layer to the discharge vent of upper layer of the dryer.When dry air passes through the sludge surface of each layer,the moisture inside sludge is quickly vaporized into air as humidity of air increased.The near saturated air from the discharge vent of dryer is boosted pressure by fan.The dehumidification function is occurred in condenser.The air will be dried again after leaving condenser.Due to reduce the dew point temperature,vapor molecules move together to form condensation droplets collected in condensate tank.Dry air could directly go to dryer or pass air heater before go to dryer due to different sludge characteristics.The air has been continuous circulating in the system.Since there is no exhaust released to environment during CLADSD process.It is not necessary to do oder or exhuast treatment.


♦ Water Circulation Process ♦

lced water is pumped into condenser and taken out the heat of the air.It becomes the cold water after leaving condenser.The cold water is pumped through heat pump which adsorbed heat and make cold water to be iced water again.The iced water is circulating back to condenser.Hot water is pumped into the air heater and release heat to air before it is fed into dryer.After leaving air heater,hot water becomes warm water.The warm water is pumped through heat pump which release heat and make warm water to be hot water again.The hot water is circulating back to air heater.

Main Features

1.Due to recovering the latent heat of vapor concept,a thermal energy recyling system was designed to rdeuce energy consumption significantly.
2.To achieve the goal which 70~85% water content of raw sludge directly reduct to 10~30% in one system without any chemical dosage.
3.To achieve zero air emissions goal which air is continuous cirulated in a closed loop system.
There is no VOC(volatile organic gases),odor gas(hydrogen sulfide,ammonia,methyl mercaptan,etc.)discharged to environment.
4.To achieve the goal which the mobile service system design in a 20-foot container with capacity up to 10 tons sludge per day.
5.To achieve the goal which electricity plays as a sole heat source.Steam or hot water is not necessary.
6.Air temeperature range inside system is 20~80℃.
7.If there is enough waste hot water or waste steam with low pressure supplied by client,we can reuse it as auxiliary heat source in order to low down energy consumption rate.


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